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E-Club Trading is a community of versatile financial traders sharing industry best practices. Our goal is to democratize access to financial education by offering the best in-class industry content for less than a streaming subscription.
Want to invest in your future and become financially independent?
Join our e-club trading community and we hand you the necessary tools to make your trading career fun, accessible and sustainable.

Our unique approach is built upon

  • fundamental and technical analysis
  • capturing proven trading techniques and sharing of best practices
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Chief Operating Officer

I joined E-Club Trading as a challenge to spread the technical analysis knowledge to newcomers. I have been trading for just over two years, but I started this journey based solely on technical analysis and intensive news gathering.
I started trading in order to see if I can apply my newly acquired knowledge in real life, and I demonstrated to myself that I can do it. After I mastered technical analysis I challenged myself further and delved into the world of news-driven stocks, such as Tesla, which I can say it is my favorite.
I am an avid reader and focus on momentum trades triggered by specific news. I am in charge of news and day to day operations at E-Club Trading, as the word “challenge” is a favorite in my vocabulary, as evidenced in this description. My motto is: “trend is your friend”.
I love this quote because it is related to both technical analysis and news. If I, an alumna of UCL (History & Politics) and restaurant owner, could learn and master trading in such a short period of time so can you. Join the club!

Chief Strategic Officer

I have a Master’s Degree from Oxford University where I studied History and Politics. I have been a constant stock market participant in the past 12 years. My approach has changed over time from a long term investor to a technical short term scalper with a good understanding of macro-economic events. My main focus is on the tech industry, which in my opinion, is the lead sector of our generation offering the highest returns. I trade any type of asset given the right technical set-up. In terms of technical analysis I am a big fan of the DAY1 type of plays that offer participants a way to get involved with an asset for 3-4 sessions. I use a tier system to maximize profits and limit losses. Most of my trades are based on the Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with a particular focus on the 8&21EMAs. I often trade options as a way of anticipating a powerful move. My strength is my ability to quickly adapt and change course if the overall tape goes against me. My main weakness is $AAPL’s stock as I tend to give it too much leeway on certain occasions given my history with it. My first rule of educating young investors is to teach them to avoid losing money before considering making any. My favorite quote of the industry: ‘cash is also a position’.

Chief Communications Officer

As a creative and passionate marketer, I enjoy helping businesses grow using innovative marketing techniques. I am dedicated to constantly improving my craft and developing marketing initiatives as well as managing digital project builds. I’m currently a PhD student at Bucharest University of Economic Studies and I have a diploma in Digital Marketing, Oxford College of Marketing.
I’m constantly looking for new challenges and I’m excited to bring my expertise in a domain so challenging, but so rewarding as trading. I strongly believe in the motto “We grow together” and in building a community were reaching all our goals together and increase wealth. So if you’re looking to level up your trading strategies and an experienced coach help guide you through trades, this is your place.