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It has been a while I have not posted content related to cryptocurrency on our trading academy section. It’s been a busy year at e-club trading with impressive growth for such a young start-up. I would like to personally thank all of you who are part of e-club trading community and wish you all the best in the upcoming year. May the new year bring you lots of profitable trades and stay tuned to our updates by subscribing to e-club trading products and following us across social media channels.

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Now back to crypto. I came across an article summarising the top crypto exchanges by average daily volumes in 2021. And I want to share this knowledge with E-Club Trading community in continuation to our previous stock and crypto trading article recommending different popular trading platforms.

It is best if you are planning to enter the crypto trading world to choose a platform that is reliable and secure. One way of evaluating and making your decision is to check the platform’s turnover in terms of users and its spent. Here are the top 5 ones:

1/ Binance (USD 27.53B)

One of the fastest growing crypto trading platforms ever reaching such volumes in only 4 years of operation. Be aware that Binance is designed for more experienced traders and it won’t be super user friendly for a beginner in the space. Also, not all countries are part of Binance scope so make sure to check that while evaluating your choice.

2/ Huobi Global (USD 7.58B)

Huobi is the second largest crypto exchange In 2021. Its main strengths: security, features and customer support. Weakness – non-availability for US residents.

3/ Coinbase (USD 2.17B)

Easy to get started and very user friendly. It is also the platform being used by E-Club Trading personal crypto trading. Tip: if you want to pay less in trading fees opt for Coinbase Pro (free of charge). The normal Coinbase platform fees are quite high compared to other players out there!

4/ Bitrue (USD 2.17B)

Bitrue is a Singaporean-based crypto exchange that was founded in 2018. Bitrue is rich in trading features and has a competitive fee scheme.

5/ XT.COM (USD 2.12B)

Almost tied with Bitrue. Some of the platform’s advantages include speed of transactions, excellent customer service very user-friendly interface ideal for beginners in the crypto world.

Sources: CoinStats

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