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Cryptocurrencies keep riding the bullish wave with valuations in green. Total market cap is above 2.4T$ continuously encouraging users to use it as a viable proponent for alternative investments next to stocks, bonds, commodities, real-estate and others. Some of the major coins have already reached all time highs (e.g. ADA) while others will soon be testing them if the uptrend continues (e.g. BTC, ETH).

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In the meantime please find enclosed a couple of technical analysis on the top cryptocurrencies:


Been managing to always hold 21EMA since the reversal starting July 21, 2021. This is also the moment we started making out first tier trades with Bitcoin now topping +70% returns. For the short term, our 1st tier stop is at 48k$. On the upside we will see how it reacts at the day’s high (circa. 52k) before adding more capital.
Our 1st buys into Ethereum started at the middle of July now offering +100% returns! We remain optimistic, nevertheless we have tight tier stop losses to protect our acquired capital in case of a correction. 1st support is at 3650 while 1st resistance is 4025$. 
One of our favorite coins – At the time of trading, we are averaging +70% average gains with the ADA! While first tier buys are currently offering us +135%! Hope you followed us. 
Short term, 3.08 (previous days highs) is our main resistance while around 2.60-2.65$ is our stop losses.
Another coin we are engaged in with exciting fundamental perspectives. Currently trading at 35.29$ Offering us +25% returns since 31/08 when we started to engage. 31.98 is our 1st stop loss and The 8 day is our 2nd stop loss (31$) in order to preserve the amazing returns. 
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