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Maria Dobre – Chief Operating Officer

I joined E-Club Trading as a challenge to spread the technical analysis knowledge to newcomers.

Alexandru Dobre – Chief Strategic Officer

I am in charge of Eclubtrading’s charts and trading strategies for our stock portfolio. My area of expertise is the tech sector and I have 12+ years trading experience. You can find my thoughts and ideas on our Twitter page @EclubTrading1

Andrej Kovacevic – Chief Communications Officer

+10 years of investing experience in charge of Eclubtrading’s Macro, Fundamental and Technical analysis with a particular emphasis on the cryptocurrency market.

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Chart by request (stock) – get a personalized fundamental and technical analysis of your stock of choice for just $9.99. Get a general idea of the sector, status of your stock within the sector, fundamental analysis, technical view with entry and exit points, and an options play. Delivered to your inbox within 24hours.



Chart by request (crypto) – get a personalized analysis of your coin of choice for just $9.99. Get an idea of the technology behind your coin, its applicability and technical analysis with entry and exit points. Delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.


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