Refund Policy

Last update 20/06/2021


The refund policy for all ECLUBTRADING LTD. services is controlled by this “Refund Policy.”  In instances where refund terms differ for a particular service from this Refund Policy, the refund terms will be located on the particular service’s checkout page and shall supersede this Refund Policy.  Refunds are determined according to the refund policy in place at the time of purchase.

ECLUBTRADING LTD. offers a 14 DAY Free Trial of its basic service. You can cancel your subscription during this period and will receive the money paid back. For such cancellation, we need to receive them in writing at [email protected] within 14 days of subscribing to our service. If we do not receive such a cancellation within the required period, your subscription will continue at the agreed price.

Monthly subscriptions are non refundable. Your service will AUTOMATICALLY rebill at the current retail price. You must cancel prior to your billing date in order to stop further rebilling.

Requests for cancellation of monthly subscriptions received more than 24 hours after the subscription billing date will go into effect for the following month.

Annual subscriptions are eligible for a refund of the purchase price less the retail price of one month of service for the same subscription. Refund requests must be received within 30 days of purchase by email to [email protected].

Promotions, discounted pricing for annual subscriptions, bundles and packages are nonrefundable.

Live and recorded education programs are nonrefundable.

In the event that the service purchased is no longer available for any reason, including, but not limited to the service provider’s relationship with ECLUBTRADING LTD. terminating, including due to death or disability, ECLUBTRADING LTD. will provide you with similar services of equal or greater value for the remainder of your existing subscription.

If you have taken advantage of a first-month discounted trial for a particular service within the past 12 months, you are not entitled to another first-month discounted trial for that same service.  Any attempt to take advantage of the same promotion or discount will result in an automatic upgrade to a monthly subscription at the current retail price.

Last update 20/06/2021